Available Jobs At Panera Bread

What types of jobs are available at Panera Bread


At Panera Bread, the goals are oriented around customer service and the future of their employees. Panera Bread offers endless opportunities for career advancement and placement in an ever-growing company that values the goals and aspirations of its team members. Panera Bread wishes to spread the warmth of working in a positive and uplifting environment to its valued employees as well as its devoted customers. If you want to be a part of this growing, fantastic company, you should submit your Panera Bread job application today!

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In addition to the great atmosphere and ambiance that all Panera Bread locations offer, there are also many competitive benefits and opportunities for long term protection that draw in people looking for stability and job satisfaction. Panera Bread stores rest in many upscale shopping malls and stand-alone locations, housing many popular restaurants to meet the needs of the people. Since inception, Panera Bread has supplied healthy and creative meals to meet the needs of its loyal fan base.

Qualified applicants to Panera Bread will be adaptable and motivated to guarantee customer satisfaction in every encounter. Panera Bread associates benefit from medical, dental & vision insurance, flexible spending account, 401(k) retirement plan, employee stock purchase plan, competitive salary, incentive programs, life insurance, disability program and a very popular employee Discount Program.

Panera Bread offers the following positions:

Day & Night Baker: At Panera Bread, the bakers are the artisans of the baking scene. Supplying artisan breads and other top-tier baked goods, the bakers are the fuel that runs the machine, which provides excellence and delicious goods to customers of all tastes. Most baker positions require previous baking knowledge; however, on the job training is available at many locations.

Catering Coordinator: Masters of marketing and sales honed into one person, the caterers are a branch of Panera bread designed and trained in the art of supplying larger scaled solutions to business and group needs. Caterers are tasked with the sales and production of all local orders for catering needs. Panera Bread caters to both breakfast and lunch events for local businesses or group gatherings, and offers delivery and setup services as well. Caterers handle all aspects of arranging and scheduling, as well as guest communication both over the phone and in person to assure all aspects of the catering experience are flawless and on time. This right candidate for this position is someone who is flexible, has the ability to multitask, and whose attention to detail is very thorough.

Hourly Associate: There are many hourly associate positions available are Panera Bread. Experienced sandwich makers, preparation team members, cashiers and salad makers, make up the backbone of the productive and efficient team that Panera Bread is known for. Hourly associates fulfill a wide variety of roles throughout the Panera Bread framework; from guest interactions, daily routine procedures and preparing the award winning food designed and provided by Panera Bread. Candidates seeking hourly jobs at Panera Bread should have customer service experience and a place quality and efficiency as of the utmost importance.

Fresh Dough Manufacturers: Panera Bread uses only the finest ingredients in making their amazingly fresh and diverse allotment of artisan breads. Fresh Dough facilities are strategically located across the country in order to produce the bread used every day in regional locations. The production teams work very passionately to supply the artisan breads needed to provide the delicious meals guests have come to expect from Panera Bread.


Panera Bread offers internships to college juniors or Rising Seniors who are studying the fields of Restaurant/Hotel/Hospitality Management or Bakery Pastry Arts. These internships are paid, and will provide exceptional experience and training into the Panera Bread way of life.